Conceptual Self Portrait

I decided to go with these things because I’ve been exposed to all types of rock music since I was little.
My dad was the one who introduced me and my sister to this type of music and tell this day I listen to it.

Cindy Sherman is a real inspiration to others in the photography industry. She is self-made and good thing she gets credit for it.
The amazing photographer Cindy Sherman does all her work by herself. Every picture that is take has herself in it. In every series
she has its only her without the model.

Painting with Lights

Ill be guessing that she at least used a 20 or higher shutter speed and a light to show her face better. She pretty much used small lights to make the colors around her and see already had the idea on how she wanted it to look like as an ending result. This is so eye-catching because the lines lead up to her face that is lit up by the light that us hovering above her.


White Balance RAW

White balance is the process of removing or toning down the color contrast in the pictures you take. You can maybe remove and maybe add a tint of other colors like blue, pink, orange, or anything you might think that can add onto your picture. For instants life can be different from what WE see other than what a camera may capture. In a camera the light can turn out blue or yellow, but our eyes may not be able to capture it. white balancing in photography consists of color temperature correction. You’re correcting for a cast produced by the color temperature of the light, which lies along the blue-yellow spectrum.  White balance is important because when you don’t have it, it can cause a few problems in photography.   They prevent you from capturing accurate, true colors in a scene. If you want to photograph a beautiful red sunset exactly as it appears to your eye.  Color casts tend to look bad. They can mess with portrait skin tones, they can create muddy shadows and sickly highlights, and they can create unwanted moods in your photos.

Studio Portraits

1/1000sec; f/5.6; ISO 6400; M; 112.00mm

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1. What is the purpose of the main light? To make your object/model standout.                                     

2. What is the purpose of the fill light? to not have any dark spaces in your portrait. 

3.List the lighting patterns. Split, Rembrandt, 3/4, and butterfly

Candid Moments

I believe that his work is very good. Considering the fact that he always captured his objects in the perfect shot without them noticing is awesome. I really like his work because it comes out so clear without any flaws. He captures everyone in their most raw expressions.