25 things about DSLR

  1. The meaning of BSLR: “Digital Single Lens Reflex”
  2. Prime lens are used for only focal length
  3. Zoom lenses are used for variable focal lengths
  4. Basic Kit lenses aren’t too expensive.
  5. If buying a camera, make sure it comes with a lens
  6. A 70mm would be far way, 135mm would be in the middle, and 300 would be close to an object
  7. Best to take a portrait with a 200mm
  8. High ISO value means the sensor will be more sensitive to light
  9. More light = lower ISO
  10. Less light = higher ISO
  11. Use a lower ISO to avoid grain
  12. smaller number actually represents a larger opening
  13. “fast” lens has bigger maximum aperture
  14. larger aperture, shallower depth of field
  15. longer lenses look to have a shallower depth of field because they are widening the subject
  16. ​Most cameras have daylight, cloudy, flash, various 
    indoor lights
  17.  DSLRs are different from consumer
  18. Mirror system inside lets you preview through the viewfinder the same image
  19. 17mm is for Architecture, Landscape
  20. 50mm is for Street, Documentary
  21. 100mm is for Portraiture
  22. 200mm and  300 is for Sports, birds, and wildlife
  23.  many people use telephoto lenses when shooting distant landscapes to compress perspective.
  24. AF (autofocus) vs. MF (manual focus)
  25. International Organization for Standards – number that describes film’s sensitivity to light.


1/30sec; f/7.1; ISO 1250; M; 37.00 mm

  1. Do I have a strong composition? I would say, that I have composition. Though I feel I could’ve done better.
  2. How well did I edit my photographs? Good, but I wish that I had more knowledge to do more than I did. 
  3. What would I do differently if I shot this assignment again? I would make sure that I have better lighting and that I would slow down my shutter speed just a bit.
  4. Do you think your photographs belong on the blog home page and should be considered one of the best from all the photo classes? Will, for this assignment I still believe I could’ve done better. Although, I wouldn’t say they won’t be in the blog home page.

All about me

This is a collage about the bands and even movies I like. The bands would be there because growing up, my dad would listen to all types of rock, though his favorite would be trash and heavy metal. Of course I also have different tastes in rock, but I do have similar songs to my dad. My favorite would have to be The Animals, because though they don’t have the heavy metal vibe. It still has a good instrumental background to it, plus the singers voices are very good. My second favorite would be Queen because they tend to add different song elements to each song. Rock mixed with opera or rock I general they do it all. They even said that Queen doesn’t have a definition, they basic do what they want without any care in the world. Though there’s more bands in my collage, the movies I added are some of my favorites. The chucky movies never fail to make me laugh due to the comedy they add into it. Sinister is more thriller and horror, but it still has a good story and they make every scene a good one. I didn’t get too add a movie but I wanted to add “Scream” and “Jigsaw”.  Those are the movies that ill remember the most, especially Jigsaw. The movies have a few comedic moments but at the end they still scare you unlike other scary movies.

Portrait read and write.

  1. A good portrait has a story and gives you emotion
  2. Every image has two people behind it, the photographer and the viewer.
  3. Its important to have some space between some space with the models head.
  4.  the background is a significant element
  5.  identify visual storytelling potential
  6. When there’s a certain color that pops make it a dominant factor for composition
  7. photography is both an art and a science
  8. If you have you eyes and head down it could possibly bring the whole story down.
  9. its better to make the background more dominant compared to the picture before
  10. Its best to capture everything from top to bottom to get a good open picture.


1/320 sec; f/5.0; ISO 6400; M; 40.00mm

Beauty, black and white, happy, famous, droopy eyes, smiling, wavy hair, long eye lashes, pretty, different, bright, light, dark in some places, old school, trendy, well-known, grey, shadows, texture in hair, glare in eyes, eyebrow texture, and background texture.


This is a surreal picture from the famous Salvador Dalí. This is surreal by making the clock melt off the table in the sky. Clearly this is surreal since this doesn’t happen in the real life but it uses real life objects making surreal. This type of art really is something anyone can do if they had creativity, even if you don’t, you can just take anything and make it abstract. One thing I like about this piece from Salvador Dalí is that the yellow is made to look shiny almost as if its actual good. This clock could be melting off or it can breaking off into the wind, it really depends on who is watching the picture. There’s no wonder he is one of the famous surrealist, his work really was surrealistic with no joke. The way he would combine different things together that aren’t meant to be together be together if you know what I mean. I would really like to art like this, but I really like a creep side of surrealism. I find it to be more creative sometimes because even creepy and horror stuff could be surrealistic if you really think about it. Horror can see realistic but also out of the ordinary since there’s ghosts, monsters, and etc.  Little things could make a whole difference to a surrealism piece because everything makes up this art. Even though Salvador Dalí may be the most well known surrealist, many others are well known like Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, and Michael Cheval. 


1/250 sec; f/20; ISO 400; M; 27.00mm
The angle of this picture is from the bottom. You could see that the trees are facing the sky, making the light hard to see. Since it’s from the bottom, the trees looked blacked out, meanwhile the sky is as blue as ever. For inference, it this wear to taken from the front, there would be more light in order to show the color of the trees. You could even see the floor if you wanted too. If the angle were to be above, there would be more light on the floor so you would see the grass, flowers, or whatever that’ll be there. You could even angle this from a side of the tree. If you were to do that then the background of the tree would be blurry and the main thing would be the tree you’re taking the photo from. Maybe , you can take the picture from far way to show the whole scenery. That way, it could make the viewer more interested in what’s in the actual trees, nd would tend to keep there eyes on the image.