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Humble, Patient, Calm, ambitious, opinionated, judgy, loving, loyal, sympathetic, and emotional.
fun, nice, reliable, funny, kind, goofy, adventurous, sympathetic, thoughtful, and opinionated.
okay ,funny, ambivert, judgy, nice, opinionated, bold, silly, and easy going


I picked Minor Martin White because he co-founded the influential magazine Aperture in 1952 with fellow photographers Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, and Barbara Morgan; writer/curator Nancy Newhall; and Newhall’s husband, historian Beaumont Newhall. White edited the magazine until 1975. He moved to Rochester, New York and for four years worked as a curator at George Eastman House, and also edited their magazine Image. He taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology from 1956 to 1964. White spent the last ten years of his life teaching at MIT where, among others, he taught Raymond Moore. In 1970 he was given a Guggenheim Fellowship. . Instead, such a photograph captures a sentiment or emotionally symbolic idea using formal and structural elements that carry a feeling or sense of “recognition”: a mirroring of something inside the viewer


Barbra Kruger

I want the viewer to feel like they shouldn’t try to grow up fast to be an adult. So. They can let their inner child experience how ever possible. Although this one also has a more personal and real meaning, a child doesn’t stay a child day it might be late to have a connection with that child, so try to spend moments with them for the time being.

Advertising Photography

I’m representing Bath and Body Works. I have two products, a Perfume and a Lotion. The target audience would mainly be woman, but it could also catered to anyone who likes skin care products or scents. You would most likely find this in a mall or an Outlet. Stoebes are used to make it look nice. I would just need the lighting and the backdrop to make the product pop and stand out.

History of Photography

Obviously, the first invention of a photo changed the history of photography and technology. Although, in the 2000s.

It created the first phone with a working camera, making it available to take anywhere just a bit easier.